Our Community deserves a better Stanwell Moor!

So let's work together!

Sell To Heathrow
Sell To Heathrow

Proving that community spirit can change everything!

Welcome to the NEW Stanwell Moor Resident's Association website. Where we're working together with Sell to Heathrow Campaign to reduce airport-related blight in our village that affects the day-to-day lives of our residents. - Read more!

"We're working with Heathrow airport, Local community groups, Local forums, our MP, Spelthorne Council and Surrey County Council. The Police, local businesses and the Highways Agency to improve our village"


Working with and for Our Residents

Talking to Councils

We are asking the questions of Councils. Why do we suffer this much unchallenged airport blight and what are the really doing about it.

Challenging Local Businesses

Existing and new local businesses are having a detrimental affect on the people of Stanwell Moor. So what are they going to do about it?

Working with STH

While the previous association would not support STH, we are confident that with the Press, our MP and now the Councils engaged and on our side. STH has proven their case and we fully support a campaign that is fighting hard for less blight and a better Stanwell Moor.

Are you ready to get involved?

If you are a resident and you you have idea for a better Stanwell Moor. Or you think you can help the SMRA - We are listening!

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