Let's Get Down To Business

Let's make Stanwell Moor a better place to live!

Our first meeting will be held in the village hall on Friday 6th July at 6pm. Future meetings will be held every 3-months and all residents are welcome.

As we have many blights issues, we want to engage residents of Stanwell Moor. So from this point to encourage everyone to regularly view your community website. Meetings and other SMRA news will only be published on this website, our facebook and twitter pages.

Publically meetings will be advertised in the residents board outside the shops and in the village hall.

We want to make this association a proactive one. So we will be creating sub-committees to help us address these and other issues and if you would like to help we would encourage you to contact us.

Our next meeting will be held first week in October 2018.

A day in the life for our residents living under a runway. Don't forget the taxis, uch, 40-tonne trucks and a recycling plant.

Stanwell Moor Residents Association.

Ready to get started? Contact us at support@smra.uk

This is YOUR village, so get involved. If you can help. Then let us know TODAY!

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