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A few local people prepared to work and try to make a difference in our community.

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SMRA is a group of local people committed to a better quality of life for the residents of Stanwell Moor. We are friends and neighbours, we are mothers and fathers, husbands and wives trying to make a difference. We're working on your behalf to provide a voice that those in power will listen to.

We're working to challenge Heathrow Airport, Spelthorne Council, Surrey County Councils and Local Business to deliver better services, less pollution, less commercial traffic and improve our village and its environment and we'd ask you to join with us to work together to bring back a community spirit and pride in our neighbourhood. 

As a resident of this village everyone who lives here is automatically a member and we would welcome your involvement. This is a new and forward-thinking association and we're  currently looking for residents to form various committees. Residents who may be passionate about a particular issue that they believe 'if actioned' will help create a better Stanwell Moor. Any proposed issue has to be specifically village-related for the betterment of residents in the main and the village as a whole. 

So if you think you can help us help you, get in touch. The SMRA will meet every 3-months and we will hold our Annual General Meeting in the Spring. 

Stanwell Moor Residents Association.

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Jim McIlroy

Jim Has lived on Stanwell Moor for 33-years. I have been inolved in various campaigns to help local residents over the years. I launched the STH Community Campaign 8-months ago and it has been a huge success. The SMRA fully supports the STH campaign and as Heathrow's 3rd runway has now been given the go ahead why not join the most important campaign in our village history. Personally I want this association to be inclusive, proactive and we will seek residents for future committee places. So if you have something that's village-related that you’re passionate about that you feel will create a better village. - Let us know!

Sarah Spencer

Use this space to tell a little about your team member. Make it interesting by mentioning his expertise, achievements, interests, hobbies and more.

Clair Roser

Clair Roser has been a homeowner in Stanwell Moor for 9yrs. Clair originally moved here due to the close proximity of her varied role as an Import Supervisor, Database Supervisor & Security Manger at a local freight company. Clair recently started her own administration business, working remotely helping local companies handle their day to day administration and accounting. Clair has fallen in love with the locality of open spaces in Stanwell Moor and enjoys walking with her family and dogs in the surrounding areas. Clair is keen to help the SMRA improve the community spirit and local areas for enjoyment of all the residents.

Jon Harvey

Vice Chair
Vice Chair Jon Harvey has lived in Stanwell Moor for over 33 years. He currently works as an aircraft engineer, but has also worked in marketing and communication. He has served on the governing board of Pippins School in Colnbrook for over 20 years. He is married to Eve, with two grown up daughters. Jon is a keen musician and has played guitar and saxophone with a number of bands over the years. As well as music, he enjoys motorcycling, photography and travel.

Can I Get Involved?

YES:- Simply enter your details and ideas in the form above. Or you can contact one of the association officers for an informal friendly chat and we'll hopefully move  things on from there. We are your [elected committee] and we're here to help residents in any way we can. It's what we were voted in to do and with your help that's what we intend to do



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