Stanwell Moor Residents Association

Annual General Meeting 15.3.2023

Current Chairman Jim McIlroy [JM] chaired meeting and thanked everyone for coming along to this Stanwell Moor Residents Association AGM.

He made one apology for Simon Crossley who was away on family business.

He explained two members of previous Stanwell Moor Residents Association committee have moved away from the village and one had to step down due to work commitments.

That only four nominations were received for Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary and Treasurer:

Jim McIlroy [JM] – Chair
Simon Crossley [SC] – Vice Chair
Moureen Gordon – Bateman [MG] – Treasurer
Claire Mack [CM] – Secretary

As there was no other nominees the above four persons were elected.

– – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – –


[JM] explained that there are no funds so no presentation of accounts. To gain funding for different community events and improvement initiatives it was felt the new treasurer should explore opening a bank account as soon as possible.

[JM] reported that he had continued to call-out issues that affect Stanwell Moor and explained to the audience the successes he had achieved.

[JM] we finally got (double yellow lines) on Horton Road & Spout Lane which got rid of hundreds of chauffeur limos, taxis, holiday parkers and local logistics employee vehicles from our roads.– Although Surrey County Council refused to do this for our residents JM had this overturned. However we still have some problems due to not enough enforcement and he intended to put more pressure on Spelthorne Council.

[JM] reported due to his continued meetings with the owners of Oakleaf Farm regarding his campaign to have a [New Entry] outside of the village that at his latest meeting he had been assured the new entry will go ahead which will finally see the an end to HGVs coming through our village en-route to this facility..

[JM] reported that he designed and paid for the SMRA website, he continues to pay its annual fees and updates it. – He manages SMRA Facebook page which has 161 members and he continues keep residents updated.

*We the committee hope these responsibilities will be shared in the near future and we intend to work together to create new, more inclusive platforms that our residents are engaged on.

[JM] issued a statement that with our Residents Association fully-operational and funds permitting flyers will go to households in the community to keep offline residents updated on what’s happening in the community!

[JM] reported that following discussions with the Council and the Anchor Pub, subject to signing an agreement the defibrillator that he has campaigned for 3-years for will finally be sited outside the Pub where residents (should they ever have the need to use one) will be able to access it!

Jim explained he was particularly proud of this potential life-saver for the residents of Stanwell Moor.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Maureen Gordon [MG] asked residents to complete post it notes regarding five things that they would like to see improved in the village.

Claire Mack [CM] – Told the residents of her work with a small team was helping to make a difference and they were trying all they could do clear litter and fly-tipping in the village. She also mentioned that Kwasi Kwarteng visited for a brief visit on 10th March 2023 to see extent of problem.

Mel Preece asked about why councillors were not invited to the meeting.
[JM] explained that the meeting was an annual general meeting so non political.

Some residents had concerns regarding the ultra low emission zone expansion and how this would impact on the village due to the close proximity to great London and they wanted to know what the councils/ county councillor were doing regarding this.

Jim Mcilroy explained that he had launched a Stop ULEZ Campaign at where residents could vote against this.

One resident shared some examples of how he managed to get action on Spout Lane North and how collectively we should work together to achieve swifter action and not rely on any one person.

Communication was discussed as one resident felt the annual general meeting was not well advertised. Although there is a website and Facebook page and notices had been posted on the village hall board, as well as other Stanwell Moor Facebook pages that have Stanwell Moor and non Stanwell Moor Residents.

Michael Powell, Kathleen Croft, Sheena Manku, Harry Manku and Arvinder Singh Garcia expressed an interest in being on the committee. Other residents were willing to help but did not feel they could commit on a regular basis.

Residents were asked to pay a contribution towards the cost of Stanwell Moor Residents Association a show of hands, carried motion. We asked the question of a small monthly or annual payment to help cover association’s costs and we will report more on this to find out residents opinion in the near future.

Residents Association were offered a printer.

The up-coming Kings coronation 6th May 2023. How to celebrate would need further discussion and the committee hope as many people as possible get involved – And it proves to be the springboard we need to kick-start things in 2023 and HELPS Make Stanwell Moor a better place to live going forward.  

The Residents Association meeting was closed, to be held every three months.

Next meeting 15th June 2023



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