SMRA NEWS 20 th OCT 2022
I have been made aware by a third party that a resident has concerns including fly-tips and they alerted their current councillors a couple of weeks ago.
So I will simply say this: – Although I am not on the Council presently if you make me aware, I will always try to help to resolve things if I can.
As like you, I live on the village, I care about the village and I will always try to help where I can.
As an example: – On the 5th of June at 10am I discovered this on Hithermmor Road while walking to the shops. – I immediately made a call to the Council and by 11:20m myself and Ali from SBC had it cleaned up – And this was on a Sunday!.
So if anyone has an issue please let me know at and I’ll do the best I can to get it resolved.
I will have more news soon.
Best regards,
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