23rd October 2022


Dear All,

This update is to let residents know that I will be calling a Stanwell Moor Residents Association meeting hopefully in November and I intend to reinstate a regular calendar of meetings to be held throughout the year from thereon. I will come back with a date once this has been arranged.

Although meetings have not been held the association work goes on. The Covid pandemic of course had an impact and my family issues also, but through this I have continued to work in the background and Simon Crossley has worked to keep us up-to-date on other community issues. – Thank you Simon.

This particular meeting will be aresidents-only meeting and will be apolitical, councillors will not be invited as in effect this will also be an election meeting. – Councillors will as is usual be welcome to attend resident association meetings that follow.

I intend to continue as Chairman, however like any other resident I still need to be voted in, so if you want me to continue my work for the village can I ask that you spare 30-minutes and come along to the village hall on the night and vote for me.

I will also be proposing Simon Crossley as Vice Chair for the work he has done during the Covid period and keeping us up to date on vaccinations as a Community Champion over the past couple of years.
I should also say that any eligible resident who is proposed and seconded is welcome to put their name forward for any position.

Additionally it should be known that both the Secretary and the Treasurer posts are currently vacant to enable us to form a historically accepted four person committee. That said, I would be delighted if more residents would consider volunteering or could give some of their time to be involved in village related events that may be arranged in the new year.

In the meantime if anyone has a village related issue or concern they want to talk about, please email me at
chairman@smra.uk and I will try to help.
I’m also available if anyone wants to talk if you see me walking around in the village, or if it’s really urgent you can knock on my door. – Most people on the village know where I live?

: – To make more residents aware, if you live on the village and you use Facebook and if you want to be kept up to date with the Stanwell Moor Residents Association NEWS about the village – Come and join us on https://facebook.com/groups/thesmra. Please let friends and neighbours know if they have a question about the village for the Residents Association that this is the place to ask.

I will have more news soon.

Best regards,
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