SMRA NEWS 5th Nov 2022

5th November 2022

Dear All,

Do you remember the feature image of the Horton Road Car Park from 2018?

This is an update in regard to the double yellow lines that took me three-years to campaign for, which ultimately led to me getting Surrey CC’s refusal to do something about this dangerous situation overturned and get them installed.

It was a great result for the village and consequently we got rid of hundreds of vehicles from Horton Road and Spout Lane. However while the lines are being monitored and I have seen only a few vehicle chancers on the moor from time to time (which I personally ask to move) when I do.

To ensure the Officers are seen to be visible, I’m pushing the Council for more action. I’ve recently spoken to Tom Onions (imo) the best enforcement officer I’ve worked on roads, on fly-tips, on Heathrow and other issues but I have to tell you Tom has moved to Laleham. – I’m sorry to see him go but I wish him well and I’ve made contact with his replacement. – I’ll come back with a further update.

So, while there is no evidence of any real issues at this time, I want you to know I will keep on top of things and ensure both SBC or SCC know as (any issue arises) that I have the relevant contact details and numbers, I will make contact. – And I’ll expect action for the residents of Stanwell Moor!

Best regards,


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