SMRA NEWS 7th NOV 2022


Dear All,

I hope the village has been enjoying the outdoor gym installed this year in the park, not so much as we go into winter but next year as we plan more progress for Stanwell Moor from stakeholders.

It was something residents told me they wanted for the village and as a resident it was something I wanted to make sure we got.

The problem was that every park in the borough wanted one, and there are (30 parks and play areas) in Spelthorne, however there was only to be 10 outdoor gyms.

I made it one my missions to ensure, given the blights we have suffered in this village for decades that (our park) would get one. – The need had to be justified but when the decisions were made – We Won!

I have seen residents use it but I want to ask these questions:
Do you use it and benefit from it?
What do you believe its value is to our village?
How can we continue to build on this and what other facilities would you like to see on our village?

My thoughts at the time were outdoor gyms offered a range of exercises, where you didn’t need experience and they were good for everyone physically and mentally. – Plus we were coming out of Covid and they would be ”FREE” for residents so (no gym fees) so everyone could enjoy a bit of fresh air while they exercise.

The Great Outdoor Gym Company who won the contract rolled-out ten TGO gyms where every gym had something different. Their MD said; movement is such a powerful medicine, and we can all feel more positive about our future by getting together and getting active.”

I agree with that and I’d ask you if you haven’t used it, then give it a go next year. – Make a few new friends and make sure it is seen to be used, as this will help me to get more in 2023 from the Council, from Heathrow and from other stakeholders. – Who should be doing more for this village!

Best regards,

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