Hello Everyone,

As I reported here on the 15th July, for the past 4-months I’ve been in negotiation with the new owners of Kestrel on a plan that would create new homes for the village and would resolve the vehicle blight on Horton Road. As the developer has agreed part of the site can be used as a parking area to help us with the Horton Road blight!

The plan would deliver:
A modern development of new homes of 1-bed, 2-bed duplexes and 3-bed townhouses all self-contained within the site.

Part of the site would be partitioned and would have a parking system introduced. The partitioned area would be used exclusively for UCH employees, which would rid us of one of the most dangerous blights for our community.

I’VE DONE ALL I CAN. The primary players are all on board and prepared to play their part and we’ve reached an agreement that satisfies the developers’ ambitions for a site that will add value and enhance our village. 👍

They are now ready to go to a “pre-application” with Spelthorne Council who say ‘they want to do things for Stanwell Moor’. Well this will ask that they (prove their support) to show this is not just more empty words and put paid to a blight that is seriously affecting Horton Road. A blight where it is only a matter of time before there is a head-on collision or a fatality as vehicles are being forced onto the wrong side of the road.

So if you want to claim our roads back and feel new-modern-homes for our village is a good thing, then let me know as your names will be included to a petition that will accompany their Spelthorne planning application and will add strength to this dual development/parking plan.

Our MP Kwasi Kwarteng supports this and he supports my plan to get Charles Morris Fertilizers Ltd to create a *new entry into their site from the Stanwell Moor Road (*more news coming on this soon) and he will add his considerable parliamentary weight to the argument to push Spelthorne Council to get on board – And Make This Happen!

He asked me to continue to develop these plans, I’VE NOW DONE THIS and if we get both it will be a dream result.
It will get UCH off Horton Road (AND) stop ALL LORRIES from entering our village via the M25 or driving down Horton Road.

For me, this is a no-brainer: It would mean AN END to (two of the biggest blights this village suffers) and would be a “huge step forward” towards getting our village back. So please give your support as the more residents we get the more chance of this happening!

**The last time I posted 182 people saw the post, many supported and “NO-ONE” objected. In fact to speed this up it might be best if you don’t want this, to tell me on or and I’ll omit you from a list of supporters that will go to the Council?

Best Regards,

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