Not for the first time, we’re locked in as 5 large HGV’s trying to get in and out of Charles Morris’s Yard brought our roads to a complete standstill. Residents complain they cannot get to work on time and this is happening all too often and this has to stop!!

Hi Everyone,

This went yesterday to Jason Russell, his boss Joanna Killian, David Hodge, plus Lucy Monie, Head of Highways & Transport for CLT/HT&E + Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Daniel Mouawad CEO Spelthorne Council, Ian Harvey Spelthorne Council Leader

With thanks to Dorothy Ronan, Natalie Evans and Darren Coller.

Hello Jason,

I know you might still be on leave but I have heard nothing from any of your team regarding these width restrictions or other traffic calming measures.

The residents are very active online and here are just a few of the pictures uploaded to our Facebook groups and they’re very vocal!

From 40 footers leaving the site.
To double yellow parking waiting to go into the site.
To a rubbish truck going through the village, the wrong way.
To holiday parkers leaving their cars (free parking) for two-weeks, outside a residents home on Spout Lane.

Parked on double yellow lines, waiting to go into yard.

Rubbish truck going the ‘wrong way’ through the village.

TWO huge trucks parked each-side of road – Left vehicle parked on double yellow lines!
No way through for cars coming on the village, going out have to squeeze through!!

The driver thought it was funny his vehicle sprayed shredded materials all over our roads

To the huge HGV’s completely blocking the road IN and OUT of the village!!

How much more of this are we supposed to bear?

I hope to hear something positive soon from Surrey County Council.


Jim McIlroy
Chairman – Stanwell Moor Residents Association

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