STH meeting 6th March 2018 – Will we get a crowd like this?

Hello everyone.

The new residents association is to have their first meeting on Friday 6th at 6pm. The meeting has been advertised for 5 days on the resident’s notice board however given the farcical Heathrow non-event that happened in the village hall last night we feel it is a perfect opportunity to reach out to everyone so we can unite and push on in our campaign against blight, for better services and facilities and our inclusion into the WPOZ. From now on meetings and news will be published in the Stanwell Moor Residents Association website, our facebook and twitter pages and in the SMRA notice board outside the shops

We’re just finding our feet so bear with us. We haven’t done this before so excuse any mistakes in the delivery of the meeting. We’ve been working hard on many things over the last 3-months and will be discussing what we’ve managed to do so far and the blights we are trying to address. We will take questions on SMRA business only and from now on, in an effort to make this association proactive we will be forming sub-committees to help us help you address specific blights that we want relief from and ways to make Stanwell Moor a better place to live.

Jim McIlroy, Chairman, Stanwell Moor Residents Association.

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