Stanwell Moor Residents Association, herein referred to as SMRA

General Meeting – Friday 6th July 2018 18:00

Chairman: Jim McIlroy (JM)
Vice Chair: Jon Harvey (JH)
Treasurer: Clair Roser (CR)
Secretary/Minutes: Sarah Spencer (SS)

Meeting Notes:

1. Introduction – JM
JM welcomed all comers to the first SMRA meeting. He introduced the officers and confirmed that all attending residents would be invited to ask questions before the end of the session.

2. Declaration of Interests
Committee members JM, JH, CR and SS all confirmed that they have no personal interest in, or connection to any business or individual linked to SMRA.

3. Election of additional committee members – SS
In addition to the 4 officers, a further 6 places are available to form an SMRA sub committee. Any resident interested in becoming a sub committee member is invited to apply by sending their details: name, address and a qualifying statement; confirming what role you would like to perform and what experience you can bring to support that role and the SMRA, via email to

4. Progress update – Chairman
Heathrow Expansion:
JM informed the group that he has been involved in regular meetings with LHR and has developed good working relationships with them over time. He is confident that the relevant individuals from LHR, plus MP’s and councilors are in full support of the efforts to include Stanwell Moor in the Wider Property Offer Zone (WPOZ) and to ensure that we benefit from local developments to improve our village life and environment.

Oakleaf Farm:
JM Commented that it is widely felt the arrival of this recycling facility happened very covertly.
At our meeting, JM advised that:
*Objections have been lodged
Since this SMRA general meeting took place, JM posted updates on his recent meetings about the site on the SMRA website and on facebook.

UCH parking / Addison Lee:
Recent efforts to stop Addison Lee drivers resting in the village seem to have been a success. Addison Lee management were keen to avoid bad publicity and have confirmed that GPS will flag up any driver breaking the agreement that is now in place. Anyone seeing an Addison Lee taxi parked up in Stanwell Moor should take pictures and report them, either on Twitter or to the SMRA committee.

JM has held meetings with Sunny of UCH who is now cooperating with efforts to relocate UCH staff parking. The intention is that the UCH staff will use the Kestrel facility, which is underperforming greenbelt land that already has a hard-standing surface and is due to be demolished. JM is in consultation with the council to see if they will relax the planning.

In addition to using the Kestrel land for parking, JM is also in discussions with developers. It is hoped that in the future this land can be developed with much needed new homes in the village, such as studios and 1 / 2 apartments and 3 bed homes.

New SMRA Website:
All news about SMRA will now be shown on the new website. Feedback received so far is that it is a modern site and has been generally well received.
JH took this opportunity to thank Jim for his efforts in getting this new website up and running and commented for general awareness that it had been funded 100% by the JM himself.

SMRA Facebook and Twitter accounts have been setup:
SMRA will no longer publish on other online platforms

5. Finance – Treasurer
CR informed the meeting that there are currently zero funds available to the committee.

6. Dates of future meetings – SS
We plan to hold meetings every 3 months and will advertise dates and times on the website.

7. Any other business – floor opened for questions, answered by JM:

Q: Will there be a new app for the SMRA website?
A: Perhaps in the future, funds permitting.

Q: Suggestion to start collections for joining SMRA.
A: Donations are not obligatory and it is for individual Residents to decide whether they wish to donate or not and if so, by how much.

Q: Shall we form a fund raising committee?
Q: Shall we seek sponsorship?
Q: Shall we sell advertising space on the SMRA website?
Q: Shall we bring a donations box to each meeting.
A: These suggestions will be posted on the SMRA website for residents to consider.

Q: What were Oakleaf originally authorised to do?
A: JM has visited the site since this meeting and updates are available on the SMRA website.

Q: Will the Bath Road, Colnbrook incinerator be moved to Oakleaf?
A: Unknown at present, Councillor Robert Evans may have more information on this. JM will post updates on the SMRA website when any news is received. For the residents general awareness, over 200 signatures were collected to object to the Oakleafs new O License application

Q: How can we accommodate more houses in the village?
A: Kestrel will be demolished and redeveloped. Now is the time for our involvement in these discussions so that we can ensure the end result is visually attractive.

Q: Can we stop HGV’s coming through the village and over the weak bridge with ramps.
A: Residents are invited to put forward all suggestions and these will be passed on to the planners.

Q: If permission is given for builders yard at the top of Spout Lane, how will HGV’s get out if not through the village?
A: This concern will be included in our suggestions, which all demonstrate that Stanwell Moor is the most blighted community within the Heathrow perimeter and we do not need any further blight.

Q: We need to do something to improve the bend in the road at that Anchor, it is very unsafe.
A: Surrey County Council doesn’t deem it hazardous enough to resurface it. However, we will press them with the suggestion of painted roundabout at this junction.

Q: A resident commented that there was a disappointing representation by Heathrow at the consultation on 4th July.
A: Agreed. We continue to fight. The issue is about the whole impact on Stanwell Moor and an historical failure by Heathrow to recognise and include Stanwell Moor in the compensation schemes.

Q: What local improvements can those who choose to continue living in Stanwell Moor after the new runway expect?
A: We have not forgotten that many residents will want to remain and we have always tried to include this fact in our discussions with Heathrow, surrey County Council and Spelthorne Borough Council. Residents are encouraged to continue submitting ideas for village improvements via SMRA.

Q: Can we expect an increase in aircraft noise and numbers?
A: Airlines are changing stock over the next few years but it is noted that villagers are already experiencing more aircraft noise. Ultimately, Heathrow still have to put their final plans in for the 3rd runway, we will continue to meet with councilors and Heathrow at all appropriate stages to state our case. We will continue to post all news on this process as we go.

Q: A resident commented about 2 burnt out cars being discovered recently at the entrance to Pocket Park.
A: We will investigate and report back on whether gates can be put up to replace the broken post.

8. Closure of meeting
JH thanked those who attended and asked residents to please continue to “Help Us to Help You”.

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