Mr Jeffrey Ng 5th September 2018
Surrey County Council
Planning and Development Group
County Hall
Kingston upon Thames
The Chair of Stanwell Moor Residents Association

Dear Mr Ng,

Oakleaf Farm, Horton Road, Stanwell Moor
Proposed increase in Night-Time HGV Traffic


Dear Mr Ng,

I am absolutely staggered by your reply to my email.

How can you possibly consider that the 500 objections from Stanwell Moor residents regarding night time HGV movements are not adverse comments? This is as ridiculous as it is insulting.

The appellant has blatantly lied about food waste not being kept on site. We have proof that this is simply not the case.

The Committee were aware of the amount of HGV traffic that we put up with on a daily basis.
They were aware of the unpleasant smell that emanates from the Oakleaf Farm site.
They were aware of the litter that the HGVs drop on arrival and departure of the site.

And yet, the application has been permitted.

The Committee Members have chosen to completely ignore the strength of feeling from the residents, and the further blight that they will have to endure.

The councillors are our elected representatives, and they have failed in their duty to appropriately look after our best interests. Instead, they have chosen to put Surrey County Council’s Waste Plan and the interests of Simply Waste/KLT Construction ahead of the wellbeing of the residents. This is arrogant, callous and immoral.

We will be contacting Environmental Health with regard to the litter and smell, and the Highways Agency regarding the HGV traffic that thunders through our village, crossing a bridge with 7.5 tonne limit to do so.

I also believe our MP Kwasi Kwarteng is to intervene against this disgraceful state of affairs and we await a response to this from Surrey County Council at your earliest convenience. We intend to continue to object to every O Licence at this and any other site that affects Stanwell Moor and I would ask you to update me on the current situation regarding KLT Construction Ltd.’s application.

We will not let this end here or allow Council to ride rough shod over the wishes of an entire community. We demand that this application is reconsidered as there is proof that the appellant misled the committee regarding food-waste. We would like the opportunity to be directly represented at Council as it is all too clear when 500 residents who object to this application can simply be brushed aside and be blatantly ignored that we have no strong representation at present.

We also feel that Surrey County Council has failed to carry out an appropriate Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Consequently, we will consider our actions including seeking a Judicial Review – please consider this as our pre-action protocol (PAP) letter.

We will be asking for the effects of the proposed increase in the volume of night time HGV movements to be mitigated as follows.

A new entrance to Charles Morris Yard/Oakleaf Farm to be constructed from the A3044 Stanwell Moor Road. This will eliminate the need for any HGV traffic to enter the village of Stanwell Moor.

An agreement from the site operator that food waste will not be brought to the site at any time. This must be policed by regular (and unannounced) spot-checks by Surrey County Council Environmental Health officers.

No increased HGV movements to the site between 1800 and 0700.

Width restrictions to be installed at entrances to Stanwell Moor village, double yellow lines on Spout Lane and Horton Road and traffic-calming measures to be installed along Horton Road.

We expect your response within 14 days. If we find your response unsatisfactory, we may have no alternative but to lodge a claim for a Judicial Review with the Administrative Court within the required 6 week period.

Jim McIlroy.

Jim McIlroy
Chairman – Stanwell Moor Residents Association

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