Dear Jason,

I hope you are back from your leave rested, that you had a good time and hopefully you are able to move things on at pace?

Quite by chance, I bumped into Colin Kemp and Robert Evans on Tuesday morning walking around the village, so I asked what they were doing and why?

Colin replied he just wanted to meet with Robert on the village. This when after the meeting the 30th he said he would arrange to come onto the village and work with me on traffic restrictions. – The residents are very vocal online and think it was strange from two Surrey Councillors, given that I’m front-and-centre and driving this campaign.

Many have questioned why this would happen without me being informed, hence I feel obliged to write!

I informed both councillors I was disappointed and it wasn’t good enough that they hadn’t informed me, as I would have been able to show them ‘exactly’ where ALL of the areas of concern are.

I asked Colin Kemp in particular, a councillor who until a few weeks ago probably had no idea what Stanwell Moor’s blight problems were, that if he wanted to ask questions and get “real answers” or see areas that ‘we the residents’ are concerned about. – Who is the better placed to provide that information, Robert Evans or myself?

So I would politely ask from this point, if ANY Councillor wants to visit the village in relation to the blights our community suffers daily and how to resolve these. Given that I am the resident’s representative. I founded Stanwell Moor’s WPOZ Campaign and I am fighting every airport and traffic-related blight issue on their behalf. Could they please contact me first?

That being said, I supplied an update on the progress I have made.

On the Kestrel development and UCH parking and on my upcoming meeting with Spelthorne planning. Plus my ongoing discussions with the Morris family and how this had progressed in relation to the new entry on the A3044.

In Closing:
It is a matter of ‘great urgency’ that we get these giant HGVs off of our village.
We need to STOP them entering the village certainly via the M25.
We possibly need width restrictions, at all entry points to the village.
We need double yellow lines on Spout Lane and Horton Road and ways to police, or manage these measures.

The 6’6″ width restrictions would allow for emergency services and smaller delivery trucks but it would instantly [STOP] 40 tonners being able to navigate their entry to our village, especially if placed on a corner before the bridge on what are small village roads that were never setup to service huge commercial vehicles.

Mr Kemp said from here he will work with me on any restrictions that is within his brief and/or comes under Surrey CC’s remit and if that is the case, I accept that.

However we need Surrey County Council to action this ASAP!

*To everyone cc’d in on this email. These are just a few images posted by residents that happened over the last two days!!

Morris entrance and the road both sides blocked, no traffic can get in or out!

An idiot trucker parked up on double yellow lines, on the wrong side of the road, just down from the yard before he goes off ‘the wrong way’ through the village and over our bridge to the M25!

But what has to be the most damning image of all. Something must ‘MUST NOT’ be ignored, cannot be denied and “MUST” be acted upon. – The video taken yesterday at 3:10pm!

TO ALL CONCERNED. Please do not let the people of Stanwell Moor down anymore. We are no longer prepared to live like this and you have the power to resolve all of our blights.

So please join with me. Help our community and ACT NOW!!


17 thoughts on “Councillors On Village?”

  1. Ann Batten – Should have liaised with you in the first place what a relief you bumped into them. Rude to deal with RE and not you as he only came aboard so recently ! Keep going Jim!

  2. Kathy Dorigan – Good job you bumped into them Jim. I have no objections to width restrictions, however would they affect Eagle Plant. Just a thought. Well done for everything so far.

  3. Steve Smudge Smith – I must admit when I drove through the village I was astounded at all the cars

  4. Jon Harvey – Good job you came across them. Unbelievable that they hadn’t contacted you before visiting.

  5. Tom Brooker – These waste vehicles are as tall as a double decker bus, so forget the width restrictions and put in a height restriction bar so emergency vehicles, dust carts, and delivery vehicles can get under but they can’t. – JOB DONE!

    1. You might have a point there Tom.
      Good thinking, I’ll take this up with the powers that be!!

  6. June Poliszewski – Disgusting, the government want more people on bikes etc pay to go into London for the emissions on cars Alone.
    Yet our small village is blighted with these large trucks !
    Would they want to ride through our village let alone their children !
    Even a car you are taking your life in your hands !
    Where is their duty of care allowing this to happen, as you said Jim it could be stopped !!

  7. Ann – Well done Jim outrageous that you were bypassed and most disrespectful of your standing within the village! Let ‘em have it!

  8. Dorothy Ronan – An excellent, but typical, example of the relentless daily traffic suffered by Stanwell Moor residents. The fact that Surrey County Council are unable to comprehend the magnitude of the problem caused by the vehicles THEY allow to drive in and out of a small village, over a bridge which is not suitable for anything over 7.5 tons, is evidence alone we are faced with either incompetent or arrogant decisions makers.

    After so much evidence being supplied by residents, who is the decision maker at Surrey County Council prepared to take personal responsibility for the accident waiting to happen?

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