Hello Everyone,

Simon Crossley is helping me put together our objection to ‘yet another’ O Licence from ‘yet another’ company using Horton Road as their operating centre. – This MUST be STOPPED!

So myself and Jon and I will be out tomorrow knocking on doors, gathering names, addresses and emails!

Does anyone want to help by asking residents in and around their roads to sign the petition?

If you can help then let me know where you might do?

You can email me at hello@selltoheathrow.co.uk or chair@smra.uk and I’ll send you the register form .

I want to get the majority of the village to sign, not just those who live near to it. This will make the argument even more powerful and its something that surely EVERYONE on this village will want to stop??


2 thoughts on “Stop Trucks on Our Village!”

  1. I’ve been down Horton Road today and most people have signed ! – Dorothy Ronan

  2. We have around one hundred signatures within just a couple of hours today. People have had ENOUGH of this!
    The filth, the smells, 24-hour noise and lights throughout the night. These huge trucks are ruining our roads and rumbling through our village when they shouldn’t even be here. Get these trucks OUT of OUT Village!! –

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