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I have another meeting with Kwasi Kwertang this afternoon. I think I have most things covered .i.e. parking, taxis, uch, oakleaf, trucks, road repairs, speed restrictions, access over 7.5 tonne bridge, home sales blight, double glazing, plus a plan for new homes for the village but anything you else would like me to ask him?

*Also, as [MEMBERS] of this group you can now invite friends and neighbours who live on the village to the group. Let them see what is happening here and allow them to be kept up to date. Apply here and I will approve them. Send me their name and address by email and I’ll do the rest on the STH side of things.

Take advantage of this to get the message out to the entire village of all the work that’s being done on behalf of everyone on Stanwell Moor 😁

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  1. Jim, I think the “normalisation” of trucks coming through the village is also a concern. Planning approvals (presumably) permit the large low loaders to move plant equipment from the yard in Horton Road, and the movement of Dutch articulated lorries coming from the flower logistics company in Spout Lane? Not to mention those who come to Oakleaf via the (presumably) unapproved route via the Village (either down from J14 or Spout Lane). The key here is “who polices adherence – or not – to Planning restrictions?”….why does it always have to be residents? Similarly, the need to clean the roads around Oakleaf and leading from Leyland’s Lane up to J14 should be enforced…if you already have those as a subset of your main list, fantastic 👍🏻 – Bob Dick

  2. Lots of stuff there Jim. Low down the order but just as much as being part of being neglected are the state of the footpath to Staines and I also think the other one that goes to the traffic lights towards Stanwell. Going to Staines across the Moor is badly neglected and difficult to use. The actual walk to Staines Moor is almost impassable, which is a real shame as it’s a great escape. As I stated lower importance than other things but still an example of us being shafted. – Mike Cathrall

  3. Transport is a concern working at Heathrow can’t get to work on time either half hour early or half hour late the buses should be more frequent – Santinder Tumber Saini

  4. It’s clearly a problem Clare and there are a lot of solid points on this string. The fact that we are so close to the airport but it’s so difficult to get there is absurd. We should actually gather these plus any other points made and ranked them in an order of importance and we can take them forward. Telling Heathrow and the Councils, what we need, what we want going forward.

    Now who wants to take this one on? – Jim McIlroy

  5. Hi Jim this may or may not be relevant but I have to cross the roundabout to get to colnbrook in the evenings to go to work. Some nights I can be waiting to try and get on there for over 20mins or more because the traffic blocks the route to join the round about. The other junctions have a stop box and traffic lights which tries to ease this, but we have none. So access in and out of the village is getting bad, I know this is partly down to bad driving from people not letting us cross, but I don’t like going up against lorries!!!
    I think this will just get worse and with an increase of traffic we will be stuck in the village. – Clair Roser

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