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The Government “WINS” the vote as it has just been announced MP’s in the Commons have come out in favour of the 3rd Runway at Heathrow. 👍

Good News for the Campaign and we will push on from here.

I’m meeting with Kwasi Kwertang on Friday,


7 thoughts on “The House backs the runway with a huge majority”

  1. Just seen the Cheif Exec of Heathrow on sky news, stating how working with local communities is a must. Watch this space. – Ant Pollard

    1. Trying to find something if anyone could record something, especially from John Holland Kaye that would be great? – Jim McIlroy

  2. Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and fight for the compensation we deserve. Let’s see posters in windows! – Jon Harvey

  3. 415 for and 119 against!!
    I know she whipped it but an emphatic victory for expansion and that’s without the Nats who abstained 😀
    Game on!! – Jim McIlroy

  4. A 296 majority is super solid and will put a BIG dent in the ambitions of meddlers like Sadiq Khan who has a hugely inflated opinion of his worth, or anyone else who might want to challenge the runway going forward.

    There will be challenges of course but their only realistic challenge will be an environmental one. As on ‘every other level’ this is good news for the country and Heathrow has assured us they will meet meet and beat and environmental issue comfortably.

    With this kind of majority in favour any UK Judge will look at this and say Democracy has spoken!! – Jim McIlroy

  5. When you see Kwasi please tell him that at the 11th hour of exchanging contracts our buyers have raised an enquiry regarding the expansion and what it means to the village. Not much we can do if they decide not to proceed but surely this is a good example of how it affects the sales of our properties. – Karen Cox

  6. Karen if you can send me any details, or write an email to me at

    I’ll copy it into the word.doc along with the problems Ann Batten is having.

    Is it your husband who suffers with COPD? – Jim McIrloy

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