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We had a very positive meeting yesterday 22nd with Alex Dobson and John Chadwick and they’re keen to help. With Alex driving down 100 miles + from Peterborough for me this shows they’re taking this seriously.

They immediately recognised the problem on Spout Lane but their big concern was Horton Road and the realisation that cars were being forced to drive on the wrong side of the road and the clear potential for accidents or head-on collisions!

They are putting in place various measures and we now have a community officer who you’ll probably see on the village, black motorbike, black leathers yellow Addison Lee branding and he’ll be there to move drivers on. There were no Addison Lee cars on the village but I put that down to the fact Bob had been round a few times that day on his bike?

All in all a great start. Jon will probably fill you in on more details as he’s been all over this on twitter. Thank you everyone for all the photos, these have helped.👍


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Good Morning Jim,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with John and I yesterday. The key points we covered were:

• Reviewing and extending the existing do not park parameters
• Bob – Addison Lee’s Quality Assessor will be monitoring the area twice daily. Bob will be on a Addison Lee branded motor bike and will be moving any Addison Lee drivers from the area.
• Any registrations numbers noted by the Stanwell Moor residence to be sent to me directly – via Jim & Jon
• Update Add Lee driver newsletter to remind our drivers Stanwell Moor is a restricted area

I’m confident we’ll start to see a marked improvement over the next few weeks. As mentioned yesterday I’m on annual leave next week, however I’ve copied in two senior team members of my team Demi & Ann. Both are aware of the situation and will be very happy to support in my absence.

Kind regards

6 thoughts on “Addison Lee meet with us!”

  1. This is great news! A First Choice COACH parked in Horton Road at 7am this morning 🙄 – Dorothy Ronan

  2. Well done Jim great news thank you so much for all your hard work and commitment to this issue brilliant outcome!! 😀

  3. My parents had near miss last Sunday. Taxi down spout lane pulled out on them he abused my parents after running them in to the kerb damaging dads car and abusing my mum and dad verbally . Two young boys witnessed and made sure mum and dad both ok . – Emma Fowles

    1. I’ll talk about this at meetings Emma.
      I’ve let Heathrow and the Council that we’ve had enough of this 😡
      Are they ok?? – Jim

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