Hi Everyone,

I have spoken to UCH on the 18th May and told Sunny where I stand on a parking issue that “MUST” be resolved. That while Stanwell Moor suffers many airport traffic related blights, the parking situation on Horton Road is NOT caused by taxis. It is without any question in the main by UCH staff/drivers.

I informed him I have a plan and if ‘all parties’ will work with me, it would reduce one of the many blights this village suffers from. – Almost immediately!

I have informed him that while I’m determined to get a resolution for our residents that I want to work with UCH to resolve this and I’m prepared to do all I can to get the best result for everyone.

I suggested the correct and sensible way forward is that we should work together to present a ‘united-front’ where all parties are seen to be good neighbours and UCH is a responsible employer in the community, who DOES NOT want to be seen to be a nuisance and we are committed to find that resolution?

We will meet at the end of this week and I’ll let everyone know the result.


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