On the 20th March 2018, Heathrow Airport held its first ‘listening event’ for the people of Stanwell Moor.

The event that gave residents an opportunity to voice their opinions on issues and to inform the airport of their concerns was very well attended.

A packed-out village hall certainly let Rob Gray and his team know what we want and what we expect from an airport that has been ignoring us for decades!

The Sell to Heathrow Campaign that started all of this off was very well supported and Heathrow now knows that Stanwell Moor and its residents has a new residents association and a new voice.

What are you doing about this taxi blight, we don’t want a detention centre in our midst, why are even more planes flying over our village, what are you doing about aircraft pollution, what new facilities are we going to get. Why wasn’t Stanwell Moor included in the WPOZ and when are you going to correct this were just some of the calls of the day. So it’s onwards and upwards from here…

Rob Gray said: I am very surprised at the turn-out for this event. We are taking away many things from this evening and we look to work closely with the people of Stanwell Moor and its new residents association.

Lots for them to think about!

Jim McIlroy and Rob Gray agreed to hold regular meetings as we seek to resolve village related issues now and in the future.

4 thoughts on “Heathrow holds listening event for Stanwell Moor!”

  1. Hi Jim, when we spoke to the guy at the end (sorry can’t remember his name, but was the one who held the first meeting) he did say the main feedback that they were taking back from the evening from residents was the village not being included into the WPOZ, so hopefully they got a clear message from us all!! – Emma Scott

    1. Hi Emma, His name is Rob Gray and he is Heathrows Community and Stakeholder Director. He heads up the airports expansion project and I’m glad you said that 🙂 – Jim

  2. Rob and others on his team told me I had run a strong STH campaign and they had heard great things about me. – I told them I’m not interested in personal plaudits from Heathrow and while I hope Heathrow/STH and us as the new residents association continue to work together to ensure the end result and common-sense prevails. My [only] allegiance is with the people of this village.

    That this is a community campaign backed by the community and it hadn’t “been run” but it has a way to go and it will only get stronger.

    That I have only one job to do and it’s to get inclusion for this village into the WPOZ and I intend to do it.

    I personally feel the dynamic between both parties is positive and its clear to everyone now that Heathrow have never done anything like this in the past for us. The Heathrow team know what to expect from Jon and I, they expect robust argument and they also know what WE expect.

    After [last night] they now understand the support for the campaign and the expectation of the residents on this village – SO THANK YOU ALL! – Jim McIlroy.

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