After speaking with Ian Harvey, Leader of Spelthorne Council here is one of his replies sent on the 16th March 2018:

Dear Mr McIlroy

Thank you for your introduction.

…I trust that you have seen our press release following our response to the Heathrow consultation, where I call for the inclusion of all Stanwell Moor (and much of Stanwell) to be included in the Wider Property Offer Zone.

Overall the 10 requests we are making of Heathrow as are follows:

1. The Wider Property Offer Zone (WPOZ) to be expanded to cover the whole of Stanwell Moor and large parts of Stanwell
2. Parking controls to be put in place in Stanwell Moor and large parts of Stanwell and provide an on-airport taxi/private hire facility
3. HAL to provide an enhanced multi-purpose community hall for Stanwell Moor and Stanwell Village and a new leisure facility in the locality
4. No Immigration Removal Centres in the borough
5. Surface access/public transport measures including to support the light rail scheme being promoted by Spelthorne, new bus routes into Heathrow, support for Spelthorne to be included in Oyster Card zone 6, provide means to minimise vehicle movements, HAL to ensure site and traffic management during construction and cover the cost of any enforcement
6. Air quality must be no worse for residents than it is now but there should be measures to ensure continuous improvement
7. Noise experienced by residents must be no worse than it is now but there should be measures to ensure continuous improvement
8. No changes to the borough boundary
9. Night flights should be banned. Spelthorne supports reducing the number of people overflown by aircraft but more information is needed about what this means for residents
10. Staines Moor should remain undisturbed. Work to redirect the River Colne must not alter the flow or character of the river on the moor

As we do not a have a veto over any expansion approval these are requests and negotiation points rather than “demands”. I believe the best way to achieve the maximum benefit / best outcome for Stanwell and indeed all of Spelthorne is by positive engagement and constructive dialogue with HAL and to than end I and my CX will be meeting board level representatives of HAL in the next few days to continue our current engagement.

I trust this helps you understand that very significant work we are doing to achieve he best outcome for our residents.

Best wishes

Cllr Ian T E Harvey
Leader, Spelthorne Borough Council
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3 thoughts on “Discussion with Spelthorne leader – Ian Harvey”

  1. SPELTHORNE COUNCIL: – 31st March
    There are a lot of good things in Spelthorne’s requests to Heathrow.

    1. Gets a ‘BIG’ tick
    3. Legacy benefits
    4. No immigration centre – YES!
    5. Transport
    6. Air quality – Although I won’t hold my breath there
    7. Noise – Tick!
    8. Night flights – Would be great but not sure what chance?

    2. However I will be asking Ian Harvey during the week what kind of ‘parking controls’ is he suggesting?

    If it’s a case of some kind of back-end tax for residents here, I’ll be suggesting what he might possibly want to do with that.

    I’ll also be pushing for yellow lines up to the village hall, as I was recently told this was on the table but the old RA wouldn’t back it. – My reply to that was – The new RA will!

    Some might say they’ll only park further in but I don’t believe so and it might help me accelerate some plans I have to try to resolve the UCH issue too. So any thoughts on this?

    We need Spelthorne Council to deliver as we’ve lost much-needed services. Plus the plant at Morris’s is a huge concern and the roads in the village are a mess. Yet the council has the audacity to levy and increase the amount of council tax, we have to endure to pay for a very poor service!!

    With my RA hat on, I’ll be putting an idea to them that could stop commercial trucks even coming into the village, coupled with a UCH parking resolution too. I put to Kwasi Kwarteng last week, it’s something that’s doable and can be achieved if we can get over a couple of planning issues.

    We’ve got a different kind of leadership now to try to get the results we want from Heathrow. The powers that be might not like what they hear from us but that isn’t going to stop us and they know it. It’s that determination that has got us to where we are now.

    We’ve still got a long way to go and a lot of work needs to be done. But we’ve come this far, we’re looking strong and I for one haven’t come all of this way for anything other than getting the compensation we should have had from Heathrow 30-years ago and a better village going forward.


  2. Jim, thank you for all the hard work that you are doing for us. Lets hope you get all the results we need for our village. – Rosanna Kish

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