Welcome to the new Stanwell Moor Residents Association.

After the resignation of the former residents association on the 6th of March 2018 and an EGM in the village hall. We were voted in as elected officers of the new community association by Stanwell Moor residents on Monday the 12th of March 2018.

“That being said, I want to make it known on ‘publicly and on this website’ that I actually regret the retired officers decision to resign en-masse. Rather than apply their experience to work with those residents and the new officers for the good of the village.”

However thank you to everyone who attended the meeting to elect new officers for the Stanwell Moor Residents Association. The meeting was robustly supported and adopted and without a single contested vote the motion was carried.

Lots of questions and concerns were put forward, on how we gain even more momentum. Air quality, noise, even lower aircraft, more taxis, more commercial vehicles were included in the obvious blights that we now see every day. The covert expansion it would seem of Morris’s yard, with little or no public consultation.

Mike Diprose who had the most up-to-date information, corrected a member of the audience on the actual movements around (Morris) Oakleaf Farm and how this affects us ‘daily’ and going forward. This was also very welcome. – Thank you Mike.

Paul Scott brought up an important, relevant and welcome question of how can we help the new Residents Association and an STH Campaign that has clearly installed HOPE in the majority of residents? I’ll be writing more about this on other posts. – However I’m grateful to Paul.

ONE THING I CAN NOW ANNOUNCE: The NEW Residents Association, 100% supports and backs the very popular, every growing, community-based Sell to Heathrow CAMPAIGN!! Who are taking the fight to Heathrow for blight relief for our village and our inclusion into the WPOZ.

So how can residents help to further support for BOTH?
The best way is to inform our neighbours of the blight relief issues we are arguing for.
That we now go forward as a collective with similar principals to ensure a better Stanwell Moor.

We WANT – We NEED. – We “MUST” Change things for a Better Village! 
We want input from everyone who lives on Stanwell Moor as by association you are ‘automatically’ a member and you have a voice. Your ideas will always be considered as we want this RA to be totally inclusive and proactive.

We want ‘EVERYONE’ to feel and be engaged in creating a better community. So if you have an idea that you feel ‘if actioned’ would help our village. Please feel free to contact support@smra.uk and we’ll do all we can.

We’re want better facilities, better services and Stanwell Moor’s inclusion into the WPOZ.

So if you want to help? If you are you passionate about a community problem?
If you have an idea you think can help the community. We want you to be involved!

Let any of the us know and we will help wherever we can!


6 thoughts on “Hello Stanwell Moor Residents!”

  1. I am relatively new to the village so to see such a packed house for the STH meeting and a united front on the WPOZ, compared to a general befuddlement as to who the RA actually represents shows to me that the community never really trusted the RA and an inappropriate news release only makes it worse for the authors. Jim and John have worked hard and earned my trust. I’m happy to offer any support you need. – Simon Crossley

  2. We have moved her almost 4 years. When we looked to buy the house I emailed the RA just to get some info on the village and the affects of the airport being so close, flooding etc. I never received a response. The village is lovely but we are up for sale because my husband’s health (He is asthmatic) has deteriorated dramatically in the last year and I think it is to do with the big lorries (as well as the planes, although we knew about them) coming round. Sometimes we open our front door of a morning and all we can smell is fumes. Very sad indeed. – Karen Cox

  3. I would like to reiterate that I have owned a house in the village since 1992 and have not been aware of the existence of the RA in all that time. They have certainly not been a visible presence during that time and I only became aware of them through the STH communications – Ann Batten

  4. I have lived here for 21 years and knew of the RA but never attended a meeting as my neighbour who did attend said it was a waste of time, they don’t listen. They could have joined forces with STH to make us a really strong team – Janet Sleep

  5. Jim, as everyone who was at the meeting knows the replacing of the R A was never a proposal. Like you I have lived on the moor for over 30 years as was once a member of the R A . When I left no question asked why. I am happy to be part of the R A in the treasurers capacity if needed. I am not back in the country until the 13th so cannot attend the meeting, I will however put myself forward to be on the committee. – David Butt

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