*Stepping up the campaign against taxis, with brands first.
Sent to Addison Lee on Friday. Time-stamped at 7:48am.


I am writing to you as Chair of the Stanwell Moor Residents Association.

As you will be aware, our village is blighted by taxi-drivers who use the village as “FREE” parking spaces while waiting for a fare from Heathrow Airport. Despite there being AVA facilities at the Airport for private hire vehicles and licensed cabs.

It has once again come to my knowledge that Addison Lee vehicles have been doing this in spite of it being reported to your firm many times over the last two-years.

I must protest in the strongest terms that your vehicles should NOT be on this village and I would urge you to ensure your drivers are informed with immediate effect and understand that if they continue it will mean disciplinary measures, or ultimately dismissal.

I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

Jim. McIlroy.
Chairman, Stanwell Moor Residents Association.

8 thoughts on “Warning Addison Lee”

  1. Brilllant. There is also other taxi drivers ,maybe a sign up if that’s possible – Sarmila Bhal

  2. For several months I have been photographing Addison Lee cabs and Tweeting the photos to AL, Heathrow and TfL. – Jon Harvey

  3. Spelthorne Borough Council when are you going to do something about this for our village? It is an epidemic. – Bob Dick

  4. Spout lane is full this morning and there are cars there from Sunday when I walked passed with the dogs ! – Michelle Bodey

  5. Below is the conversation I had with Addison Lee through Twitter. I am sharing it because as and when their next cab comes to park we all have some ammo when speaking with the driver.

    Can you ask them to put a general memo out that cabs are not welcome on Stanwell Moor as we are plagued with them and the residence have had enough.

    We are very well aware of this and cannot thank enough for the patience of the local residents – Our management team has conducted meetings to set up certain protocols like the one you have kindly suggested to ensure that we can prevent it happening from future.
    Many thanks

    The more info we are armed with the better so we’ll see how it all pans out. – Andrew ‘n Sarah Spencer

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