I was pleased to walk around the village yesterday and note:
No illegally parked taxis, there were only two that were legally parked. It was either fluke or they are taking the hint!

What did concern me though is the smell emanating from Oak Leaf Farm Site, it was putrid, I feel so sorry for people living close by, it must interfere with their daily living.

I also heard on the night of the storm this week whilst having my windows open the sound of what I thought was an emptying of a glass bottle recycle truck, it was after 10pm so I thought it must be something else but after walking past yesterday and hearing the exact same noise I can’t be mistaken. Are the trucks emptying all night too? This too must interfere with daily living of locals, I live in Whatmore Close so am quite far away, if I can hear it, I can only image what locals can hear.

One last thing noted is the increasing amount of what seem to be local cars/vans parking on the pavement down Hithermoor Road, I’ve not noticed this until recently. Pushing a pram with two dogs alongside is becoming rather difficult to negotiate the local paths. It’s our responsibility as locals to set an example. I don’t understand why people have started doing this, the road is plenty wide enough for a parked and a passing car. Any ideas why this is occurring?

6 thoughts on “Morris Yard (aka) Oakleaf”

  1. oak leaf has several companies on it simply waste is the only one on there I believe is only glass paper cardboard so I have found out

    other companies same as above but food waste also they need further investigation I feel – Fiona Arbery

  2. I live on the Horton Road near Oak Leaf and the smell of rotting rubbish is terrible, it must be coming from Oak Leaf. I thought they were only supposed to recycle paper and glass but it’s definitely coming from there. Also I hear the noise of smashing glass during the day but not noticed in the evening when doors are closed. – Ann Green

    1. Ive noticed food recycling trucks (purple & green, I think ‘simply waste’) going in there this week, I’ve not noticed them before. I think we only noticed the glass noise because we had our windows open but if that’s happening over summer nights it will be as bad as the planes for disturbing us. – Clair Roser

      1. I live in Horton Road too and the smell of rubbish was obvious last week when the weather was hot. It smells like bins 😡 it only hit me when I was sitting in the garden. – Dorothy Ronan

        1. The smell is definitely coming from there. I’m at work in Vermeulens , and the smell seems to be worse on certain days. How is this being allowed, and as Ann said it’s only meant to be a recycling plant. Once again the forgotten VILLAGE – STANWELL MOOR. – Maria Hatch

  3. Makes me so angry the verges outside vermulens and all the way to the roundabout have so much litter and plastic and glass shards it is disgusting I Hate the mess we are expected to live in! 😡😡😡 and no one makes any effort to clean it up! – Ann Batten

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