Some residents have brought up the fact that large commercial up to 40 tonnes are going over a bridge that has a 7.5 tonne weight limit and yet the Council does nothing about it!

How can this be allowed and how will it go on?

Well we are putting this to our MP and the Council to find out who is going to take responsibility and act on this, as it must STOP. We need width restrictions on this village!

8 thoughts on “Commercial trucks and our bridge”

  1. So this is the bridge by the mill right now, a police car has closed the road as this huge lorry cannot get over the bridge – Janet Sleep

  2. Was this on Friday? My daughter was going home and had to turn round and go back up Horton Road – Louise Coates

  3. Police told me weight restriction penalties are enforceable by the council not the police! Although if caught the driver can be done with a traffic offence like driving without due care or attention but won’t receive the £1000 penalty that the council could impose – Ann Preece

  4. Silly ruling why impose a weight restriction as the council are rarely in the village to enforce it – Janet Sleep

    1. Janet, think you may have forgotten where you live … lol…, this is Stanwell Moor, the little forgotten village at the end of the runway where people don’t take any notice of our village signs i.e: taxis, lorries… and the council don’t care about us either… – Rosanna Kish

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