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I’ve been working with various parties over the last couple of months to try to achieve a resolution to the parking blight on Horton Road and Spout Lane. I discussed a plan with our MP’s office, plus Jon and I met with Addison Lee on the 22nd.

Since the beginning of May I’ve also had discussions and meetings with the owners of Kestrel in regard to Horton Road and UCH employees. I outlined a plan and explained they are one of two landowners who could help resolve this situation and that we should work together on a community project that could resolve the blight and build good community relations. This would then be followed (once all parties) were in agreement by an application to use land for off-road car parking for all UCH employees.

*Whilst I was made aware of negative historical problems in regard to the old SMRA. We managed to overcome that and the owners now want to know how they can help the community? We’ll be discussing this at further meetings and I’m pleased to report everything is now positive and moving forward.

UCH is now the final piece of this ‘local jigsaw’ as we strive to reach a successful outcome to one of the multiple blight issues that affects the everyday lives of the residents of Stanwell Moor!

I have fast-tracked the plan to our MP’s office and Council representatives. I’ve informed them I’m working to unite ‘all parties together’ and while I believe I can/will make this happen from our side.

The Council will need make allowances on planning to make this a reality. However as this is a ‘serious blight issue’ for our community that this should be granted under an exceptional circumstance clause.

Our MP’s office agrees that outside of any greenbelt issues, the plan has real merit and I’ll be reporting back on this soon.

If all parties are in agreement, we will take this forward to Spelthorne Council in an effort to reach a resolution.

Let’s hope we can make this happen as I’m doing all I can in this respect.


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