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I had a meeting with Sunny of UCH on Friday the 25th May and after some negotiations, we discussed how we could work together to help resolve a serious blight issue that affects every resident of Stanwell Moor.

Sunny was for me the final important part of (a local community triangle) that I’ve been working on. While my primary objective is to reduce blight for Stanwell Moor, we needed a positive result to be able to move things on!

UCH staff informed me that cars on Horton Road were being damaged. I was not aware of this, or would condone it. However I had to reply that I was not surprised.

While this is an issue for the company and it is true if people pay road tax and if ‘no street or road restrictions’ are in place that people can park where they want *. UCH now agrees with the objectives of our plan and they want to be seen to be a good neighbour and a responsible employer. So I’m pleased to say that Sunny and I have agreed to work together on this.

UCH will PAY for off-road parking, if we can get this through planning and I commend Sunny and UCH for this. We are now unified on the issue and hope this blight ends asap. So let’s see if Spelthorne Council actually (does) want to resolve Heathrow related blight for the people of Stanwell Moor, or if its just sound bites on the back on our STH success in the local media?

UCH also understands the blight issue on Horton Road in particular and other village areas where vehicles are being forced onto the wrong side of the road, there is clear potential for accidents, or head on collisions. I’ll report back later.

* We will also be asking Spelthorne Council to introduce road restrictions and to put up time-limited parking restriction signs, if you are not a resident. Throughout the Moor to ensure more vehicles do not simply park in vacated places!


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  1. Great work Jim; you are doing a fabulous job, cutting through the nonsense of the past and bringing folks together to solve what you rightly refer to as a blight. The parking restrictions are also welcome, and will get considerable support, but I agree we should be sceptical of Spelthorne Council at the moment and until they can demonstrate otherwise. I remember some dialogue we had with them years ago asking for road calming measures, and were told that unless we had a Councillor living on our estate, or there had actually been a fatality, nothing would happen. More power to your elbow!! – Bob Dick

  2. Impressive work Jim thank you so much! I dread driving on Horton road towards vermulens due to oncoming traffic in the only vacant lane and no where to pull in to give way! – Ann Batten

  3. Well done Jim.. and to all involved.. i.ve met Sunny many times. He comes across as a decent and honest person. You may not see too much of us Jim but we are all there behind you in this. Keep up the fight mate.. 😊 – Kevin Leavy

  4. Well done! great news. Fingers crossed the council can act swiftly on this matter. – Eve Harvey

  5. Fantastic news, well done Jim and all those involved. Let’s hope the council do their part – Debbie Swabey

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