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I had a conversation with Kwasi Kwertang’s office on Thursday 17th May, this is now a weekly occurrence. As the battle to resolve at least one of our village serious blights heats up.

I had previously updated Tracey Carter on the 12th May that I believe I had a solution that can work to resolve of the taxi situation almost immediately for the people of Stanwell Moor. Plus how this plan would include either Kestrel or Morris’s yard (aka) Oakleaf Farm.

Tracey is not only a Parliamentary Assistant to Kwasi but also works on the developments side of Spelthorne Council. She believes in the campaign. She thinks the idea has real merit and wants me to meet with councillors who might be able to help. Police contacts and highways agency contacts to discuss the many blight issues we face on a daily basis.

I told her that as the new Chairman of SMRA, I am working to pulling all the parties together so that I could make this happen from our side, however Council would need make allowances on planning to make this a reality. As this is a ‘serious blight issue’ for our community this should be granted under an exceptional circumstance clause.

She agrees and is organising a meeting and I will report on this when I have a date.

I have updated her on the discussions and the meeting I have now held with Kestrels owners and that I would be meeting Sunny UCH next week to push the staff cars issue and I’d bring her up to speed. She replied, you seem to have this moving in a positive way a lot faster than it ever has in years!

Let’s hope so 😁


10 thoughts on “Taxi Blight and Kwasi Kwertang”

  1. Well done Jim, excellent work as always. Thank you – Andrew ‘n Sarah Spencer

  2. Hear hear! You truly are a breath of fresh air! Thanks Jim (and Jon) 👍🏻 – Ann Batten

  3. Thank goodness you are looking after us, a brilliant effort from you – Janet Sleep

  4. You appear to be making good progress with parking issues. The majority of parking in Horton Road is from UCH who do 12 hour shifts so unlike the taxis, who come and go throughout the day, UCH come and stay all day! I hope that whoever agrees to allowing Kestrel/Charles Morris as a nominated parking area understands that without restrictions of some sort in the village, cars will keep coming. Holiday makers will still park up for a couple of weeks and fly off. – Dorothy Ronan

    1. Your right of course Dorothy, it is a consideration but we are working to put measures in place to avoid this too. – Jim

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