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For the last two weeks in my SMRA role I’ve been working on various ways to try to resolve the taxi issues. To that end I have come up with two plans, either I believe could put an end to this. – Almost immediately!

I’ve had various discussions and held a meeting on the 16th May with the owners of Kestrel. At this meeting I outlined my plan and why we should work together to build good community relations, followed by an application to use the land behind the property for car parking for all UCH employees. While initially I had to overcome some negative feelings in relation to the old RA, I’m pleased to report that everything is now positive and moving forward.

The owners want to know how they can help the community and we’ll be discussing this at a further meeting.

It is agreed if we are all seen to be working collectively, we have a more than realistic chance of a positive result to one of the multiple blight issues that affects the everyday lives of the residents of Stanwell Moor!

I have fast-tracked the plan to our MP’s office, who agree outside of greenbelt issues, this plan has merit and I will be reporting back on this soon. If all parties are in agreement, we will take this forward to Spelthorne Council in an effort to reach a resolution.


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