The smell from Oakleaf Farm site is vile tonight and can be smelt where we are in Whatmore Close and I’m sure around the whole village. I’ll be reporting it in the morning. On a beautiful evening like tonight when we have respite from the planes we cannot sit in the garden or have our windows open without being bombarded by an awful smell. It’s so disheartening what they are doing to this village.

4 thoughts on “Oakleaf smells turning residents stomachs”

  1. I absolutely agree. We can smell it on Hithermoor Road. I walked my dog’s around the lake this evening and on the way back I was looking for a very smelly bin or rubbish before I realised where it was coming from!!! Absolutely disgusting. – Karen Cox

  2. It does stink out there tonight. We’ve had too close the windows etc. Not good, however somebody popped this through our door so we called them and the guy on the phone said the more people who complain the better. – Andrew ‘n Sarah Spencer

  3. I just googled that number and it is a government number to report environmental incidents. Might be worth everyone calling 👍🏻 – Caroline Cook

  4. The number is for the Environment Agency and and that could be positive. We might even be able to make this work for us here in a public forum and hopefully to a wider audience? – Jim McIlroy

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