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The meeting with Rob Gray, Jon and myself at Compass Centre Heathrow was very productive, information was provided and updates given. Even though Heathrow has MANY issues to deal with both governmental and organisational it was heartening to find due to STH that Stanwell Moor and the blights that impact the lives of everyone on this village and its importance in the grand plan going forward is being discussed at the very highest level. We will not be complacent as we push forward for the one big question we want a positive answer to.

I told Rob at the meeting while I appreciate the amount of work he and his team have and I’m glad we are working together in such a positive way. My only concern is getting Heathrow to admit to historical mistakes, get blight issues resolved in Stanwell Moor and inclusion of our village into any rearranged WPOZ.

I also informed him about my plan that could in effect resolve our parking issues almost immediately, if Spelthorne Council relaxed planning under and exceptional blight clause. He was very interested in this and took copious notes.

I will be contacting Kwasis office next week and I will also be pushing for feedback from the Council next week.

I have a rearranged meeting with Kestrel next week to see drawings and discuss options for a planning application.

*In closing Robert Evans, Surrey County Council called me last night at 7pm to introduce himself and ask to meet up to see is we can work together on various issues. I told him I’d be happy to work with anyone who can help us with any blight issue.


6 thoughts on “Heathrow Meeting working with us”

  1. Good to hear you’ve spoken to Robert Evans, I’ve found him to be extremely helpful in the past. – Dorothy Ronan

  2. I hope so Dorothy but he has always been against LHR expansion, so I never thought he could help our plans going forward.

    That being said, irrespective of political opinion. This deal “WILL” happen and if anyone in Local or other Government who can help our village (in any way) I’m prepared to work with if it helps us! – Jim McIlroy

  3. Good to hear, it sounds like we are very much on the way and everyone is definitely listening 😊👍.

  4. Great news, a very big thank you once again for all the hard work you continually do – Debbie

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