OK people, Heathrow expansion has got the go-ahead. Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and fight for the compensation we deserve. Let’s see posters in windows!

Heathrow Airport: Cabinet approves new runway plan.

Jon Harvey

2 thoughts on “The Cabinet backs the third runway”

  1. In a Curchillian moment.
    The time for meetings and speculation is past. The time properties are hurt most is from this day forth. Let us not ASK the council and HAL what they can do for us but to demand action and NOW. I do not want to wait 5 more years until the plans park up next to my home to drop off at the detention centre. The right to fair compensation for all has come. Let incinerators burn, and taxis park until they can no more but not at our expense. Buy the homes and ready them for building workers, free us from the bonds this places on us and let us live. – Janetta Coombes-Hancock

  2. Bit of clarity. No more smoke and mirrors.
    It’s still got to go to the house but should be a formality.
    The fight started on the 11th of the 11th 2017 and I’d like it to end in 2018 but hopefully the first half of 2019 will see us over the line.
    Janetta you can’t make demands from the get go or you alienate the major players and your dead in the water. You lay out your plan, build a rapport, let everyone know you’re serious and wont go away, you negotiate and then push on a build a network.
    No-one could do or promise a thing until this result came in but over the next couple of weeks we’ll be ramping things up and when the house vote comes in we’ll be pushing all the way for the earliest result 👍
    GREAT result though. Maybe now all the doubters and those who tried to damage this campaign will see just what REAL campaigning and representing a community is all about 😀😀 – Jim McIlroy

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