It was great to talk to you earlier and that you took this opportunity to open dialogue. – Thank You!

The blight on Stanwell Moor is now pretty insufferable, the place is in a dreadful state, the people believe they are being ignored because we don’t have a representative on the council. The community spirit of a once great little village is broken and consequently the residents are very unhappy with Heathrow and Councils at both local and county levels.

They feel the only reason Ian Harvey listed Stanwell Moor in his 10 recommendations was due to the success of the Sell to Heathrow Campaign, which of course has had a lot of front pages in various local press and online.

For me personally it does feel a little like political point scoring, when in effect that job had already been done, however I welcome any recommendations that affect Stanwell Moor. I have been convinced for some time now that due to the STH campaign and residents letting Heathrow know in no uncertain terms (twice) at packed village hall events that Heathrow had already made their mind up on their historical mistakes and our inclusion into the WPOZ (and) that there will be no detention centre on the land to the north of Vermeulens. When a yes vote come in things will start to unfold.

The bottom line here is, Stanwell Moor residents want the Council to prove how “committed’ they are to our village by supporting the parking and development plan for residential units needed on the village where with planning relaxation on a small patch of under-performing green belt that has been hard standing for probably 30-years. Under an exceptional blight clause and with parking restriction signs introduced it would immediately resolve the issue and would certainly start to ease the tension and show the council is listening. However without movement or engagement from Council the negativity will only become greater.

The recycling plant that seemed to arrive with little or no public consultation is a cause of huge concern. How did it happen? How did this kind of plant ever get planning permission in a residential area? The health concerns, the smells as the weather gets hotter. We believe the site has been over developed and hundreds of trucks per day are causing traffic chaos. Kwasi and the residents have asked me to investigate the people behind it, what are they recycling, crushing or burning, how many companies and I have already gathered very troubling information that I’ll be presenting to both Kwasi and will be making available online.

So your call today I hope is the start of something positive. Your drive and passion seems similar to mine and I very much look forward to meeting up with you to see where we can go from here. I’d like to get this village back to what it was once but while I know I can’t get that village back. I can ‘with help’ make sure Heathrow deliver a nicer place to live, that services and facilities are improved and I’ll do everything in my power to make that happen.

In closing another long email (apologies) it goes without saying if we could meet up asap that will help. As it seems on a daily basis this community wants proactive news and more and more people are contacting me on their personal issues.


7 thoughts on “Letter to a councillor”

  1. Perfect covers all point…i hope the council will wake up before new election.. – Puja Adhya

  2. Very clear email. I do hope the council understands the seriousness of the situation. – Valerie Verma

  3. Thanks Fiona, Puja and Valerie,

    I dont care too much about village or local politics, never have. My job is to get the best deal for this village and I’ll use (any) available tool in the bag to get that for the people here.

    Puja, I have reminded Councils of the elections and the fact there is around 1200 votes on this village. Furthemore as they will ALL be keen to hold onto their jobs this is significant, or they may face a challenge. – Jim McIlroy

  4. Great work Jim thanks for your commitment to every one of us in the village – Ann Batten

  5. Scope for a win win. If our councillors can tangibly ease the blight for our stricken village then they are setting reach out earning our vote come election time. – Simon Crossley

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