Cllr Robert Evans supporting Stanwell Moor in a planning meeting today by opposing an increase in movements to the Oakleaf Farm incinerator.

2 thoughts on “Robert Evans opposes Oakleaf increases”

  1. I’m almost speechless, it’s as if the Council are deliberately doing everything in their power to make the Village an Industrial Estate 😡 – Dorothy Ronan

  2. When he called me on the 7th June and I told him amongst other issues like parking, that we are investigating Morris Yard (aka) Oakleaf. How did it get planning, who is behind it, the site being over developed, the vehicles, the mess, the stench.
    Even although his political stance is no heathrow runway, it’s good that he was listening and he’s trying to do something positive on a blight that will get worse unless something is done about it!

    Well done Robert!

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