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  1. Yes. Quite alarming that Heathrow are still not making any commitment even though they know the issues. Don’t know why Spelthorn residents have to wait a year or so to find out if they are included in the WOPZ. I hope the council don’t role over for Heathrow on the promise of roads being repaired and a large payoff for parcels of land Heathrow will require. 🙈🙉🙊 – Karen Cox

  2. Karen, they cant commit until certain stages have been completed, however Jon and I will have another meeting with Heathrow next week and we’ll be pushing them on updates. On Spelthorne we’ll test just how committed this Council is to the people of Stanwell Moor when we have drawings and a planning application goes in. – Jim McIlroy

    1. My only query with this, is what happens when a resident needs a delivery requiring one of those vehicles? Or something that needs repair in the village requires one of those vehicles? Maybe one just up by the M25 entrance which filters the traffic into the plant up there? – Clair Roser

    2. This is a good idea for either side of the bridge at the mill – Janel Sleep

  3. A safe place for everyone cross by the park/shops/village hall. Random parking officer patrols who can issue tickets – Clair Roser

  4. Residents parking only with vouchers being issued too residence for when their friends/family visit. I also like Jon’s idea of a width restriction as that would stop a multitude of problems. – Andrew ‘n Sarah Spencer

  5. speed humps to discourage cut through and slow all down
    bollards on bend by the splash to stop the parking there as this is an extremely dangerous bend – Fiona Arbery

  6. I suspect resident parking will come with a charge which we would rather avoid. As HCH are leaving is there another way of preventing taxis from parking here? Can the council patrol and deal with them? I also agree that lorries and trucks of a certain size should be banned altogether from entering the village with exceptions. – Simon Crossley

  7. Slaloming islands will slow traffic and restrict parking in one at and near them please stay well away from resident parking as it will cost and cause problems for locals and unless it’s patrolled will not stop them anymore than yellow lines do or red lines the problem will just move further in estate but we can block and harass them outside our house more to put them off – Darren Coller

  8. Residents (also friends/family), parking permits throughout the village, with hopefully Heathrow paying for these. Having a restricted waiting zone outside of the shops to help them with their busineses. Having a visual traffic warden around to enforce all. – Rosanna Kish

  9. Adam, Jon, Clair, Janet, Andrew n Sarah, Fiona, Simon and Rosanna, these are all great ideas and they all serve a purpose. Jon width restrictions a great idea but what if someone needs a fire engine, Clair/Janet the filter each entry to the village is good. Safe places to cross, the Council won’t pay for a zebra crossing or the like, however ‘speed humps’ would slow the traffic down so would make the roads safer to cross. Fiona Speed humps and bollards I’m absolutely in favour of and I’m talking to the powers that be on this. Rosanna restricted waiting at the shops, not sure but you’re right something should be done there – but Adam/Simon residents permit parking (at this time) would come at a cost. However if we win WPOZ inclusion we’re asking for Heathrow to pay for this 😁 – Jim McIlroy

  10. These are all great ideas on the traffic side of things but what I was looking for was what do we need in the way of facilities?

    Do we need more shops or a particular kinds of shops. Do we need more things in the park for kids to play on. A few people have said we need gates at the entry to the park. Just throwing things out there but these kind of things?? – Jim McIlroy

  11. How about stopping kids on motor bikes from entering the park, gates would probably help with that. Outdoor gym would be a good idea maybe? Outdoor activities for adults not just kids. Even a tennis court maybe? – Adam

  12. Width restrictions by the mill would stop large vehicles cutting through from M25 – Barbara Felstead

  13. chemist and for shop to go back to some of the cheaper products they use to sell – Fiona Arbery

  14. In a Curchillian moment.
    The time for meetings and speculation is past. The time properties are hurt most is from this day forth. Let us not ASK the council and HAL what they can do for us but to demand action and NOW. I do not want to wait 5 more years until the plans park up next to my home to drop off at the detention centre. The right to fair compensation for all has come. Let incinerators burn, and taxis park until they can no more but not at our expense. Buy the homes and ready them for building workers, free us from the bonds this places on us and let us live. – Janetta Coombes-Hancock

  15. Bit of clarity. No more smoke and mirrors.
    It’s still got to go to the house but should be a formality.
    The fight started on the 11th of the 11th 2017 and I’d like it to end in 2018 but hopefully the first half of 2019 will see us over the line.
    Janetta you can’t make demands from the get go or you alienate the major players and your dead in the water. You lay out your plan, build a rapport, let everyone know you’re serious and wont go away, you negotiate and then push on a build a network.
    No-one could do or promise a thing until this result came in but over the next couple of weeks we’ll be ramping things up and when the house vote comes in we’ll be pushing all the way for the earliest result 👍
    GREAT result though. Maybe now all the doubters and those who tried to damage this campaign will see just what REAL campaigning and representing a community is all about 😀😀 – Jim McIlroy

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